Government and Parliament need new forces and active people - Aset Matayev

Almaty. February 1. KazTAG - Well-known Kazakhstani journalist, founder of KazTAG international news agency Aset Matayev has nominated for participation in the forthcoming elections to the Majilis on March 19.
“Six months after the tragic events of January, an important event took place in my life. After the fourth attempt, my father and I were fully acquitted by the Supreme Court. For the first time in the history of independent Kazakhstan, the Supreme Court, on behalf of the state, apologized for the illegal conviction. The once politically motivated criminal case fell apart with due consideration by the Prosecutor General's Office and now it will be published in the Bulletin of the Supreme Court as an example of an unlawful conviction. For me, this is Fair Kazakhstan – a country where there is legal protection and punishment for crimes,” Matayev addressed his voters on Wednesday.
In his words, recently people have been appealing to him about the illegality of the actions of state bodies, which need to be thoroughly investigated.
“Even more often, people write to me about personnel decisions in the regions and central government agencies, problems in the utilities sector and corruption. We have problems with the environment, unemployment and security. They need to be addressed effectively. The question of freedom of speech and justice in relation to my colleagues has been on the agenda recently. For the sake of freedom of speech, my family was subjected to the confiscation of life: years in prison and poor health…” the journalist said.
He pointed out there are many systemic problems.
“I think that the president should not be the last instance in different issues. Officials and involvement of the society should jointly solve issues and problems, follow the path of progress. With all due respect to the institution of the president, I am convinced that one person cannot deploy the system and solve the problems. Intention and Action! The society must understand that each of us can restore order and develop the country,” he said.
He noted that the media and social networks alone are not enough for the state to pay attention to problems, although we see that there has been a healthy response of the authorities to problems.
“The government and parliament need new forces and active people. The state machine is mired in bureaucracy, red-tape, replies and cannot quickly respond to events, being afraid to take responsibility for difficult decisions. I intend to nominate in the Majilis on the base of the single-mandate constituency No. 5 in Almaty. In case of victory, my vote in the Parliament will be popular and represent the interests of the residents of not only Almaty, but the whole Kazakhstan. Youths, public figures, artists, colleagues from the media in different regions support me. They all want change and development. Someone is looking for it abroad, but I associate my life with the Motherland. Our generation is able to solve many issues and direct Kazakhstan to the path of development and legitimacy!” said Matayev.

Photo source: picture from an open source