Lands of Barys-2 market affiliated with Bolat Nazarbayev were returned to the state

Taraz. January 18. KazTAG – The lands of the Barys-2 market, affiliated with the late brother of ex-president Nursultan Nazarbayev, Bolat Nazarbayev, were returned to the state, reports the press service of the prosecutor’s office of the Zhambyl region.
“In 2004, by acts of the akimat of the Kordai district and the akim of the Kordai rural district, Karasai BN-Taraz LLP, owned by Nazarbayev B.N., was given a plot of 34.3017 hectares to serve the Barys-2 shopping complex. When the site was allocated, its order was violated, namely, part of the land with an area of 22.25 hectares belongs to irrigated arable agricultural land, subject to special protection, and was transferred for market services. In this regard, the district prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit to invalidate and annul acts of the akimats of the district and rural district, as well as purchase and sale agreements,” the statement said.
By the decision of the judicial panel for civil cases of the Zhambyl regional court dated December 28, 2023, the purchase and sale agreements for plots No. 81 and No. 82 dated July 24, 2007 between Karasai BN-Taraz LLP and the department of land relations of the akimat of the Kordai region were declared invalid and cancelled.