It is planned to spend KZT2.3 trillion over three years on construction of 369 schools in Kazakhstan

Astana. February 20. KazTAG – T2.3 trillion is planned to be spent over three years on the construction of 369 schools in Kazakhstan, said Gani Beisembayev , Minister of Education.
“T2.3 trillion is allocated from the republican budget for the implementation of the National Project (“Comfortable School” - KazTAG): in 2023 – T500 billion, in 2024 – T976.3 billion, in 2025 – T909.4 billion,” said Beisembayev, speaking at a government meeting.
According to him, schools are being built according to a single standard and 163 of them, or 44%, will be built in villages.
“In 2024-2025, it is planned to open 369 schools for 740 thousand students, including 217 schools this year,” Beisembayev said.