Bagdat Musin was actually dismissed - source

Astana. May 6. KazTAG - Former Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry Bagdat Musin was actually dismissed, a source told KazTAG editorial office.
“He was dismissed after a high-level meeting following his report on the state of affairs in the areas under his supervision. Everyone got tired of his “babble talk” after he did not answer the questions he was asked, and began to make excuses for previously announced instructions. He was given the opportunity to write a resignation letter on his own will. Although it was actually a dismissal,” a source told KazTAG.
The country's leadership was dissatisfied with the former minister. The media reports that a criminal case has been opened against Musin. The KazTAG source said that he had no information on criminal cases against Musin.

Photo source: picture from an open source