Kazakhstan is integrated with the transport systems of Azerbaijan and China on the TMTM

Astana. May 29. KazTAG – The integration of Kazakhstan with the transport systems of Azerbaijan and China along the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route has been completed, said Transport Minister Marat Karabaev.

“In the information system you can see cargo from Chinese ports and its movement, then through the territory of Kazakhstan and through the territory of Azerbaijan. These three countries are already integrated,” - Karabaev said.

According to him, this system allows you to track the cargo itself and it includes forwarders and costs. The shipper sees the forwarders, sees the cost and can, right there in the system, enter into contracts.

“European countries and Georgia will be additionally connected to this system, and thus the integrity of the system will be ensured,” - the minister specified.

The second technology makes it possible to eliminate errors. There were up to 30% errors in paper information; now their number has been reduced, according to the minister, to 6%.

The two systems are additionally integrated with the system of the Ministry of Finance and this, in general, will facilitate the passage of goods along the route, the minister noted.

Photo source: picture from the open source