How to subscribe?

Dear readers!
The news, photos, video, audio materials will be sent to the subscribers who concluded contracts with the news agency. To subscribe KazTAG news wire call the subscription department:

Tel: +7 (727) 261-19-24 / 33
Mobile: +7 (777) 0177071
E-mail: [email protected]

How to subscribe online
Online subscription gives an opportunity to get access to the exclusive materials of the news agency. For this you should register on the site filling in the appropriate forms.

Payment method: cards of international payment systems VISA and MasterCard. Convenient and safe payment method provided by "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC and «».

Subscription terms
Subscription (access to the materials posted on is provided under the following conditions:

1) Access is provided individually to every user who correctly fills in the registration form at in the Registration field.
2) Users have no right to pass their accounts to the third parties.
3) Registered user must take measures to keep their account data in secret providing materials under subscription terms.
4) Users have no right to reproduce, spread, publish, interpret or pass the materials to other people which they get during the subscription period. Except for the cases regulated by the legislation of Kazakhstan and the rules of materials use of KazTAG posted on the site in the section Legal information.
5) In case of violation of one or several above stated conditions the access and account will be blocked, while the user will have to pay a penalty equal to a monthly subscription fee for the news agency service. The prepayment for the service will not be returned, but deducted from the total sum of the fine.

Payment for the materials is conducted via the Internet through system servicing cards payments.

Order of online payment with payment cards:
1. Check if your payment card is suitable for Internet payment ( for this contact your bank).
2. Enter the section of the site where the material is available and click Pay.
3. The site will redirect you to payment server.
4. The connection between your browser and payment system works on the base of secure protocol (SSL 3.0). Check if the address in the browser line conforms and if your browser does not report any mistakes while transferring to this page. On the payment page enter the data of your payment card: the number of your card, expiration date, holders name and CVV2/CVC2 code (note: CVV2/CVC2 is a three digit code, printed on the back of the card). never requests your PIN code. After you have entered the data of your payment card, click Pay, the payment server will start preliminary processing of your information. Notice: if our program defines that your card is a member of 3-D Secure program, we will redirect you to a special server of your issuing bank where you should find the Internet-password of your card. After you enter the Internet-password the bank will direct you back to our server and we will provide authorization request of your card in the banking system.
5. After successful authorization in the banking system we will direct you back to the site of the news agency where you can get confirmation of your payment. Keep or print out the confirmation which you will need in case of any questions.
6. In case your authorization was invalid we will direct you to the site of the news agency where you will see a message about impossibility to complete the operation. The reason for that may be : 1. Lack of necessary sum on your card; 2.Blocking or limits for the Internet operations by your bank. (You may check it calling your bank). 3. If you are subscribed to the program VbV/SecureCode and you entered an incorrect password, your bank may refuse authorization of your purchase.

Depending on the reason of authorization rejection you may:
1. Try later;
2. Apply to the issuer-bank for clarification;
3. Use a card issued by another bank.

Please consider that payment for any information from this web-sit is not refundable!