Why we? We are also shocked!

Almaty. January 5. KazTAG -  Madina Alimkhanova. The attitude of Bek Air airline company to people is evident in everything - to the memory of the casualties, to the feelings of living people, and to the journalists who were invited to a press-conference to know that everyone except the company was to blame.

The speeches of the airline executives who spoke at the press conference reminded an old gloomy joke that the Russian submarine sank because it collided with the Ostankino TV tower, which suddenly appeared on its way.

Ex-head of Bek Air Nurlan Zhumasultanov said that the company remained silent for more than two days after the crash of its aircraft, because everyone was shocked, "even more than others." Although it is unlikely that their shock can be compared with what the victims and relatives of the victims went through ...

Anuar Toleubekov, director-general of Bek Air, said that the airline’s representatives didn’t come to the funeral of the casualties, and did not express condolences because they were “in shock”.

Meanwhile, the airline, it seemed, organized the press conference in a semi-conscious state. The purpose of the event was clear  - to convince mass media and the public, that the airline was not to blame for anything - the reason was in the Airbus of other air companies in the airport, and the house was standing in a wrong place, and if not all these factors everybody would be alive, healthy, and, presumably,  happy ...

At the same time, the journalists were shocked about the great effort to organize the event.

The announcement of the upcoming event was sent out in the morning. About 50 media representatives, including about 20 television channels, were accredited for the meeting with the company’s management. However, a large number of journalists became a complete surprise for the management of the airline company, and they were not ready to this...

The journalists were taken to the basement and it turned out that the cameramen were going to stand in a wrong place, according to the press service. The basement, which was at least half smaller in size than it was needed for the number of accredited journalists, was lined with school desks and chairs. At the same time, journalists were forbidden to take the first row - it was for the invited speakers. There was no place for cameramen to put up tripods, let alone finding a place to stand.

An airline employee, who organized the press conference and declined to voice his last name, said he thought the operators would stand at the very end of the room. In response to comments that in this case only the backs of journalists would be seen, he just spread his hands. Journalists had to solve the problems on their own.

It seems that the main goal of the invited speakers was to take the journalists off their work. They ignored requests to turn off mobile phones, they were demonstratively lounging in their chairs, loudly commenting on their attitude to the questions, and one of the speakers specially invited to the press conference (!) stated that taking pictures of him was illegal. The anonymous spokesman categorically refused to put things in order, instead, he was telling the journalist how to work. Moreover, he did not even moderate the press conference. This honorable duty was entrusted to an omnipresent semi-blogger.

Unlike speakers, whose words were hardly heard, “specially invited guests” were heard perfectly.

Neither the nameplates and posts that could be photographed or rewritten before the start of the press conference nor the press releases were provided - apparently, the professionalism of the anonymous spokesman did not allow him to come down to such trifles!

However, what could be expected from the airline, which did not have the opportunity to express condolences to the families of the victims, but found the opportunity to make a presentation with numerous graphs and videos of vortex flows in the style of “popular science” to demonstrate its innocence and to blame another airline and the airport for the fact that the plane took off at the wrong time, the weather - for the fact that there was no wind which could counteract the vortex flow, the villager - for the fact that his house was standing in a wrong place, and the journalists - that they were asking the wrong questions but not those that Bek Air management would like to hear? Or is this also because of the shock?