How Almaty authorities secretly aspire to take away press-club's building in their interests

Almaty. December 26. KazTAG - Our editors for the last two years have been closely following announcements related to bidding and auctions of seized objects. The building of press-club in Almaty attracted our interest, which was illegally confiscated by the verdict of A. Kurmantayev, chairman of Yesil district court. This grievous hero of numerous publications about the trial of Seitkazy and Aset Matayev  got the boot from his work for drunken adventures in the sauna with women of easy virtue. Soon, Seitkazy was released and again elected as a chairman of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, Aset, one of the heads of the KazTAG news agency, soon also returned to his family.
There was no information about the building of the press club, and no one could say anything about its fate. Moreover, it did not attract much attention as it was almost destroyed. According to the contract claim of the Department of State Architectural and Construction Control of Almaty, two upper floors were forcefully demolished, while all communications have been disconnected. In fact, the entrance in front of the building was blocked, pavement was laid, and in mockery a strange metal installation was set up.
It is clear that dark affairs happen at night or secretly during the day, in Kazakhstan as usual it happens on the eve of holidays and or long weekends. And our gut instinct did not let us down: the press club building was put up on auction on the last week of the expiring year. We were not surprised by the date of short-term trading - January 4, 2019 at 10.00. The seller was the Department of State Property and Privatization of Almaty, the potential buyer is unknown. Unaware people can only guess who he is, while according to our source, all the things have already been agreed and there is a second participant, with whom they will play preplanned electronic trades.
In fact, there is one big "but". The two-story building was put up for auction as a four-story building.  According to the documents, including a detailed floor plan, technical passport and other documents, four floors have been put up for auction. As we reported above, according to the claim of the Department of State Architectural and Construction Control of Almaty, there is a court order on compulsory demolition of two floors, in addition there is a resolution of the judicial executor of the Almaty Justice Department on termination of proceedings in respect of the management of the press club in connection with the execution of the court order on demolition of 3rd and 4th floors.
Here the question arises: who is interested and who is holding the upcoming auction with falsified data and false documents? The customers are Yembergen Kudaibergenov, head of  department of state property and privatization of Almaty, Nadezhda Pronicheva,  director of  estimation company ViCON - Aprraisal LLP, and her deputy - Valery Zheba. The first two signed an agreement on appraisal, and the last on the list carried it out and conducted a detailed inspection of the object in the presence of the alleged customer, whose signature is not in the act. The trickiest thing is - according to official documents, four floors are put up for the auction, while in the attached photos there are only two. There is no deception and fraud. The editorial has all the documents of the auction. They are also available on the portal of the state register of auctions.
During preparation of the auction, a number of regulations of Kazakhstani legislation have been violated. A forgery of service is evident, i.e. a person authorized to perform state functions provided knowingly false information, as well as illegal actions in respect to arrested property or subject to confiscation. Both cases are liable to criminal prosecution up to imprisonment.
The editorial board of the international information agency KazTAG considers this publication as an official request and is sending it to Kairat Kozhamzharov, prosecutor general of the Republic of Kazakhstan , head of the highest supervisory authority over compliance with the legislation of the state, Alikhan Smailov,  Minister of Finance, who controls the State Property and Privatization Committee,  O. Yakovleva, chairperson of the Presidium of the Capital’s  Chamber of Professional Appraisers to identify violations and take action in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.