There are no vaccination requirements if the revaccination period expired – Ministry of Health

Date: 15:24, 22-04-2021.

Astana.  April 22. KazTAG - There is no requirement to receive the first component of the vaccine again if the revaccination period is missed, said Ainagul Kuatbayeva, deputy chairperson of the board of the National Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan.
“To date, neither the manufacturer nor the developer has such prescribed requirements as to whether it is necessary to restart vaccination if the revaccination terms have passed after the first vaccine. From the experience of other vaccines,” she said.
In turn, Zaure Akhmetova, deputy chairperson of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Control Committee of the Ministry of Health, said that if a woman after receiving the first dose of the vaccine finds out that she is pregnant, she will not receive the second dose.
“If a person gets sick after receiving the first component of the vaccine and if it is not CVI, then after a full recovery up to 60 days, you can receive the second component of the vaccine. If after receiving the first component a woman finds out that she is pregnant,  she does not receive the second component, ”she said.

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