Putin's delegation was supposed to visit Bau restaurant on the day of Nukenova's death

Astana. April 19. KazTAG - The delegation of Russian President Vladimir Putin was supposed to visit the Bau restaurant on the day of the death of Saltanat Nukenova, this became known during the trial of the former Minister of National Economy Kuandyk Bishimbayev.
“On November 9, Putin came with a delegation to Astana, namely Talan Towers. The organizers wanted, it seems, to sit with us in the VIP room. There was a reservation,” said the director of the Gastro Center, Bakhytzhan Baizhanov, answering questions from the victims in court.
The state prosecutor also voiced the chat between Baizhanov and an administrator named Karlygash.
“Today’s banquets must be cancelled,” Baizhanov wrote on November 9, 2023.
“How will I cancel? This will be the Putin’s delegation,” the administrator responded in an audio message.
The victims' side suggests that the defendants could not have taken Nukenova's body out of the restaurant, knowing about the visit of the Russian Presidential delegation.

Photo source: picture from an open source