Oil can be substituted by food products in Kazakhstan- market player

Date: 15:17, 22-05-2020.

Almaty. May 22. KazTAG - Oil can be substituted by food products in Kazakhstan, said Sergey Tereshenko, president of bee-keepers' union.
"The bright example is the south region where 300 000 tons of cabbage were destroyed. Why they didn't take them to the cities and give for free. Many other crops can be planted in Kazakhstan, but there is a problem with sale. In the time when oil price dropped, it can be substituted by agricultural products," he said.
In his words, the Government must engage in storage and sale of agricultural products.
"There is a simple example - my friend grows strawberries in the village of Turgen, he produces 3-4 tons per day. But he has no opportunity to sell it.  (...) As for my industry, honey, I can offer for sale up to 150 000 tons in the domestic market and 150-200 thousand tons for exports," he added.

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