Mangistau oblast police investigates murder of drilling worker


Almaty. August 9. KazTAG – Police of Mangistau oblast is seeking for murderer of 28-year-old drilling worker of Munaifieldservice Zhaksylyk Turbayev, the oblast police department said.

“On August 3, 2011, at 17-00 the duty police officer received a phone call that a dead body was found at the oil field. Later, the body was identified. It was 28-year-old drilling worker of Munaifieldservice Zhaksylyk Turbayev”, the message reads.

The body of the worker with wound of back of the head was found near a railway car used as a locker room.

The forensic examination concluded that Turbayev died of open brain injury. The criminal case was initiated on the murder.

“The criminal investigation group was set up to investigate the crime led by first deputy head of oblast police Yerzhan Sadenov. The group is now working in Zhanaozen city”, the message reads.

At the same time, the strikers in Mangistau oblast claim that “the guy suffered for his ideas”, Vremya newspaper informed on Tuesday.

“Zhaksylyk actively supported the strikers. On the day when he was killed they were to elect new trade union leader of Munaifieldservice. Zhaksylyk was called to someone in the management and later he was found dead”, the newspaper reads.

Father of the murdered Yelaman Turbayev also thinks that his son was killed for his ideas. He said that one of Munaifieldservice directors was arrested during investigation.