Kazakh agriculture needs KZT1.5 trillion in credit funds – Saparov

Astana. February 22. KazTAG - Kazakh agriculture needs T1.5 trillion in credit funds, said Aidarbek Saparov , Minister of Agriculture.
“If we talk about lending, we need about T1.5 trillion. Today we are provided with preferential lending for T250-300 billion. The head of state supported us. Funding will now be additionally allocated,” Saparov answered answering a media question at a briefing on increasing the volume of gross agricultural output.
Funds will be allocated not only from the state budget, but also through second-tier banks. Therefore, he explained, T1, 5 trillion is needed somewhere to increase productivity and labor productivity.
“Today we get low yields of 9 c/ha due to lack of funding. That is, if commodity producers, have enough funding for fuels, lubricants and seeds, then they do not have enough for fertilizers and herbicides. They charge one and a half times more, everything has become more expensive, and the cost is high. If we now provide them with preferential lending, then the cost will immediately fall. Therefore, it will be available to everyone. And then we will increase the yield, we will fully comply with agricultural technologies, and then we will get yields no lower than in Russia,” Saparov assured.

Photo source: picture from an open source