Kaspi.kz is ranked first on deposit growth in 2022

Astana. January 30. KazTAG - According to the National Bank of Kazakhstan, as of December 1, 2022, the total volume of household deposits in Kaspi.kz exceeded KZT3.395 trillion.
Within a year, Kazakhstani clients increased their savings in Kaspi.kz by KZT895.2 billion. It has been the largest annual increase among all banks in Kazakhstan.
“Thank you to our dear customers for being with us! We take your trust of with great responsibility and will do out best to exceed your expectations and continue to delight with our technological and innovative services,” commented Mikhail Lomtadze, head and co-founder of Kaspi.kz.
The most popular Kaspi Deposit in Kazakhstan can be opened in the Kaspi.kz mobile application within a couple of seconds. The minimum deposit sum is only KZT1,000 or $10. The effective interest rate is 15% per annum in tenge and 1% in US dollars.

Photo source: picture from an open source