Head of civil aviation administration of Kazakhstan Peter Griffiths: deicing holdover can be less than 4 mins

Date: 09:53, 15-01-2020.

Astana. January 15. KazTAG - The holdover of deicing of type one is less than 4 mins, said Peter Griffiths, director general of the civil aviation administration.
"As many of you now know, the tragic Christmas accident of Bek Air 2100 is considered to be Icing. Winter operations here in Kazakhstan can be very unforgiving, and it is shame that 12 people perished, to show us once again we must be vigilant with this issue. (...) Deicing checks have been carried out with main airports and found to be good quality to international standards with fluids bought in from Russia. So please use them, but note that holdover can be very short in very cold temps. 4 mins or less for type one and 20 mins or less for type 4," he said in a statement in social networks.
He also addressed to people working in the aviation industry.
"So for all of you in our industry that operate here, please ensure that all crews are aware of the very cold conditions we have, (down to -40 degrees C or more in some parts) and ensure that they take all steps to ensure their aircraft is ice free prior to flight.  A cold soaked aircraft sitting on a ramp for three days in sub zero temps is exactly that, a very cold aircraft! It will attract a lot of clear and rime ice when humidity exists. I will be putting out more on Kazakh winter operations soon and we are making a video on the issues here for all of you," he said.

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