Asylov confirmed supervision of "Wild Arman" by NSC officer and described the role of Kudaibergen

Astana. January 5. KazTAG - Prosecutor General Berik Asylov confirmed the supervision of the criminal authority Arman Dzhumageldiyev ("Wild Arman") by an employee of the National Security Committee and described the role of the ex-deputy of the maslikhat Kairat Kudaibergen in the January events.
“According to the investigation, a special role was assigned to Dzhumageldiyev (nick-named “Wild Arman”) in Almaty. He was instructed by a curator fr om the NSC. He had to organize riots, take control of the crowd, create the so-called "people's council" to put forward unified ultimatum demands. He was actively assisted by the ex-deputy of the Maslikhat of Almaty (Kudaibergen - KazTAG), as well as an active member of the criminal group Makhatov, who armed the bandits who arrived in the Kazakhstan Hotel in Almaty in an organized manner," Asylov said at a meeting of the Majilis on Thursday.
However, the Prosecutor General noted, "they failed to lead the mass protests" and "the people did not follow them."
“Having received information about the detention of the former chairman of the KNB (Karim Masimov – KazTAG), in order to create a trustworthy alibi, the militants were instructed to attack the townspeople, allegedly to combat looting. For these purposes, on January 6, they abducted, beat and held 24 random citizens from different points in the parking lots of the RitzCarlton and Kazakhstan hotels. Subsequently, they were taken to the outskirts of the city and placed overnight in a container under the armed guard of NSC officers. Then they were transferred to the airport, wh ere one person, Otepbayev, died from torture. We have completed our investigation into these facts,” Asylov said.

Photo source: picture from an open source