15 coronavirus sources recorded in Almaty

Date: 09:21, 26-03-2020.

Almaty. March 26. KazTAG - 15 coronavirus sources have been recorded in Almaty, said Aizat Modagasimova, head of department for control of quality and safety of goods and services of Almaty.
"Up to date, 15 coronavirus sources have been recorded in Almaty where the patients carrying coronavirus were registered. Clearly, the number of sources has been growing together with the infection outbreak. Up to date, 31 cases have been recorded in Almaty, including two new cases: one contacted with a sick person, another- a young woman arrived from Zurich," said Moldagasimova.
She said the sources of the infection, staircases of the quarantined houses will be disinfected.
"The people who communicated with the infected at a distance less than two meters for more than 15 minutes can catch the virus. Thus, the inhabitants of apartments blocks are not referred to the category of contacted people, for this reason they are just under medical examination. The sources of the infection are sealed; it is a prophylactic measure in order to prevent possible cases of spread. In case of catarrhal signs we take people to hospital and examine for the virus," she said.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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