Smagulov commented on raiding cases: Successful business disappeared, while similar business ended up with the Nigmatulins

Astana. November 9. KazTAG – Executive Director of the public association (NGO) “Adildik Zholy” Didar Smagulov, who worked for several years in senior positions in the anti-corruption service, answering a question about raiding, gave examples of how a successful business disappeared, and similar business ended up with the ex-speaker Majlis Nurlan Nigmatulin and ex-deputy of the Mazhilis and Senate Erlan Nigmatulin.
“The whole society is waiting to see if there will be questions for them (the Nigmatulins - KazTAG). Because there were moments when the business was developing, a similar business of the brothers appeared, and that business went away,” Smagulov said on the Adal Adam live project on YouTube answering a journalist’s question.
As an example, he referred to one of the successful bread factories in Karaganda.
“There was a bread factory in Karaganda, I may be wrong with the last name, I don’t remember exactly now, but it was delicious bread, because when “Saryarka-nan” appeared, the Nigmatulins squeezed it out, and it left. In Karaganda, I was a student, it was in 2012, people often said:  “It was squeezed out by the Nigmatulins,” “This belongs to them,” he said.
Now, according to him, people can already talk about it openly, which can be an example of New Kazakhstan in action.

Photo source: picture from an open source