Salary increase for the employees of contractors and sub-contractors

Date: 20:56, 12-02-2022.

Aksai. February 12. KazTAG - Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO) informs that following a meeting with WKO Akim, Vice Minister of Energy, General Director of PSA LLP, KPO General Director, a proposal developed by a working group under the WKO Akimat was approved for the salary increase for employees of contractor and sub-contractor organisations working at the Karachaganak field.
It should be noted that the final salary of employees of contractors and sub-contractors is determined directly by the management of these organisations. KPO will send a letter to the management of contractor and sub-contractor companies with a request to increase the base salary of their personnel by 60,000 tenge per month, net of tax payments. The amount of the increase, including tax payments, will be reimbursed by KPO.
If accepted by the contractor and subcontractor companies, the flat increase will come into effect from 1st February 2022.
A flat increase independent of salary levels has been selected with the aim to treat all beneficiaries equally, but with a significant effect on the category of workers with lower salary.
This decision has been taken as goodwill and efforts aimed at enhancing workers’ welfare, maintaining social stability and care towards the people of Kazakhstan during these challenging times.
Currently the Karachaganak Project provides jobs for more than thirteen thousand local employees of contractor and sub-contractor organisations.

Photo source: kpo

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