Businessman naming Nigmatulin customer of criminal prosecution acquitted after 10 years in prison

Astana. July 27. KazTAG - Well-known Balkhash businessman Kuat Sultanbekov was acquitted by the Supreme Court after 10 years in prison.
"The decision (acquittal - KazTAG) was issued today on all the last three criminal cases that were fabricated against him here in East Kazakhstan," said lawyer Yulia Jafarova.
Thus, taking into account the fact that, according to the very first sentence of 2012, Sultanbekov has already served his sentence, he should be released in the near future.
“As soon as the court of the regional (East Kazakhstan region – KazTAG) issues a decision, sends it to the pre-trial detention center of the city of Astana, where Sultanbekov is currently staying, he will be immediately released,” Jafarova said.
Sultanbekov was convicted in May 2012 on charges of illegal acquisition, storage, transportation or carrying of firearms and sentenced to three years and six months in prison. However, soon fabrication of new cases started in jail as a result of which the term of imprisonment after several sentences increased from 3.5 to 21 years. Sultanbekov and his relatives have repeatedly said that Nurlan Nigmatulin, ex-speaker of the Majilis and his twin brother Yerlan are the customers behind the criminal prosecution of the businessman and further toughening of punishment against him.

Photo source: picture from an open source