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Industrial production volume in Kazakhstan increased by 5.6% in January-February

13.03.2018 Astana. March 13. KazTAG- Industrial production volume in Kazakhstan has increased by 5.6% in January-February 2018 in comparison to the same period last  year, reports the statistics committee of the Ministry of National Economy.
According to the statistics data, production of crude oil, natural gas and metal ores increased in the reported period. There has been increase of food products production, beverages, rubber and plastic goods, chemical products, pharmaceutical goods, metallurgic industry and mechanical engineering.
Coal production and lignite decreased, as well as tobacco products, and some transport means.
Oil production, including gas condensate amounted to 14.7 million tons (increased by 7.2% compared to the same period last year), copper ore - 14.7 million tons (+ 1.6%). The output of gasoline was 0.5 million tons (-4.3%), gas oil - 0.7 million tons (-6.6%). Flat steel production reached 0.5 million tons (+ 19.5%), refined copper - 0.07 million tons (+ 7.5%), Portland cement - 0.7 million tons (+ 28.9%), electricity - 19.8 billion kWh (+ 11.2%), flour - 0.7 million tons (+ 21.3%).