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Migration CPS opened in Astana

12.01.2018 Astana. January 12. KazTAG - Dauren Abayev, Minister of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan has opened a migration center for population services (CPS) in Astana.
"The migration CPS is a first portent. I’ll  refer to one example: a foreigner needed 5 days to get a work permit and other documents. First one had to get IIN, tax permit, then to go through 7 departments, to get insurance and so on. One faced different barriers. Now we have created barriers free migration center for population services. You see there are no walls here," he said to the journalists.
He said creation of the center will improve investment attractiveness of Kazakhstan.
"All the services are available at one place. Today one or two hours are needed for registration instead of 5 days," he added.