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British experts declare threat of cyber-attacks on nuclear weapons systems

12.01.2018 Almaty. January 12. KazTAG - British experts declared vulnerability of nuclear weapons systems to cyber attacks, reports TASS news agency.
"Nuclear weapons systems were first developed when computers were in their infancy and little consideration was given to cyber vulnerabilities. There are now a number of vulnerabilities and pathways through which a malicious actor may infiltrate a nuclear weapons system without a state’s knowledge," reads the report of the Royal Institute of International Affairs of Great Britain.
The researchers outlined a number of doomsday scenarios that could hit any nuclear arsenal in the world.
It cited examples such as a report that the US could have infiltrated the supply chain of North Korea’s missile system, contributing to a test failure in April last year. Elsewhere, the silos of US nuclear-tipped Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles “are believed to be particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks.”