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Contribution of non-crude sector into GDP growth of Kazakhstan reaches 60% - MNE

11.01.2018 Astana. January 11. KazTAG - Contribution of non-crude sector into GDP of Kazakhstan reaches 60%, said Timur Suleimenov, Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan.
"Despite growth of producing branches, the sources of GDP growth have been focused on non-crude economy sector. 60% of GDP growth was contributed by non-crude sector," he said at the session of the Government.
In his words, the highest growth is observed in the field of industry - 7.1%, transport- 4.8%, communication- 3.3%, trade- 3.2%.
"Due to stable growth the industrial sector increased its share in GDP from 26.1% in 2016 to 27.6% in 9 months 2017, including mining field boosted its share to 14%. At the same time there was growth due to increase of oil production (10.5%) that is first of all connected with over fulfillment of plan at Kashagan field (under planned 5 mln tons 8.3 mln tons have been produced)," he said.