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GDP growth made 4% in 2017 in Kazakhstan

11.01.2018 Astana. January 11. KazTAG - GDP growth in Kazakhstan amounted to 4% by the results of 2017, said Timur Suleimenov, Minister of National Economy.
"The main result of 2017 for Kazakhstani economy was activation of rehabilitation processes with transfer of the economy into higher growth rates, as a result GDP growth amounted to 4% by the results of 2017," he said at the session of the Government.
In his words, the main growth boosters were expansion of industry in the trading sectors, increase of investment activity, higher price for oil and metals (Brent oil price: $44- 2016, 2017  –$54.4; index of metal prices: 2016  – 97.9% 2017 – 122.9%).
"In fact improvement of economic situation of the main trade partners- EU, Russia, and China enhanced foreign trade. By the results of 11 months export to Russia increased by 33%, in EU- by 31%, and China - by 34.9%," he said.