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Secretary General of World Organization against tortures declared application of tortures in European Union

14.11.2017 Almaty. November 14. KazTAG - The Secretary General of the OCMT (Organisation mondiale contre la torture) has declared about application of tortures in the European Union, reports Kommersant.
"There are different situations in Europe. For a long time we thought that the problem of tortures had been considerable resolved, but in reality it turned out that it was not true. There have been certain cases of tortures even in Switzerland, where the UN committee against tortures is located," said Gerald Staberock, Secretary General, OCMT.
He said the problem of tortures in respect of detainees from the side of the representatives of state structures or their silent improvement has not been resolved in Europe, saying "populism is growing" in EU.
In his words, anti-migration and anti-terror discussions which harm the human rights are observed not only in Europe, but also in other states.
"There was time when the European states actively discussed migration and the question of refugees deportation, they were threatening with tortures. Now Europe is considering to ban African refugees to come to the states of Europe. Here comes a question, is Europe is a part of tortures application?" he said.