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Pentagon head declared UN allowed US military forces to enter territory of Syria

14.11.2017 Almaty. November 14. KazTAG - US Defense Minister James Mattis declared UN has allowed the US military forces to enter the territory of Syria, reports the TASS news agency.
“The UN essentially said that we can pursue the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). And we are there to destroy them”, said the Minister of Defense answering the question about whether the United States has a legitimate reason for placing their troops on the territory of the Arab Republic.
However, he did not make it clear which resolution he was talking about.
The Minister said the soldiers will not withdraw until Geneva process on Syrian crisis settlement reaches success.
Daisal Mekdad, Foreign Minister of Syria, had said the American presence in Syria is "illegal and inadmissible" as it was not authorized by the Government of the Arabic State.